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Elia Galban is a Fitness and Wellness Entrepreneur, Holistic Health Counselor, International Fitness Figure Champion, Author, Coach, and Public Speaker. She is a woman on a mission to empower others to Self Mastery along her own journey.

Her roots come from the ancient lineage of Matriarchal healers in the sacred land of Patagonia Chile, a place where nature meets volcanoes, pumas and wild native beauty.

(Nahuel = Puma + Mapu =Earth).


​For more than 2 decades Elia Galban has dedicated her work and gifts into helping and guiding people from all walks of life to achieve balance, greater states of health, self confidence, soul activation and so much more. She graduated as a Master in Personal Training at a very young age and has worked providing guidance and support to celebrities, models and Elite Athletes throughout her whole life. At the age of 25 she became an International Fitness Champion, representing her country all around the world, winning several awards and recognition on TV, newspapers and magazines. 

She is a bilingual Holistic Health and Fitness Coach with a rewarding and strong track record of establishing solid relationships with a diverse mix of clients, students, and other fitness aficionados specializing in creating loyalty and repeat business. She also monitors the progress, success, goal- setting, goal-attainment, and implementing new and creative ways to overcome personal obstacles in order to achieve the individual's goals. 

She has worked on creating personalized fitness programs, dietary blueprints, proven goal setting and attainment exercises and has reached a very high level of expertise. She specializes with working-mothers and high-powered executive women. 

She is a Certified Health Coach, graduated from the world’s largest nutrition school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  She has worked as a Nutritional and Fitness author, providing cutting edge information on physical exercise, eating habits and the side effects of sugar and processed foods. Her expertise falls among creating individualized dietary programs for all levels and interests, including tailored programs for strength and  overall fitness. She is also an expert in Holistic Health & Nutrition, certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). 


 She is also the President of Education at Toastmasters Art of Speaking in Hollywood Florida. Elia is an accomplished motivator, writer, influencer, public speaker, storyteller, avid learner of Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP, Alternative Medicine, Healing Arts, Shamanism and Ancient Philosophies.

Her latest style of coaching is highly eclectic and based on Bio-Individuality, including a Holistic Approach, mind/body/soul guidance and more. 

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