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Soul Activation

After more than 7 years of a very successful career in the Fitness Industry I decided to leave my country to pursue a more meaningful mission and purpose. During those times life showed me huge tests and challenges that triggered big pain, 

heartbreak  and feelings of hopelessness. 

Then I begun my personal awakening journey in 2008. Until today I have not stopped to relentlessly pursue the improvement of my inner Self.

I have discovered along this fascinating journey that we can manifest the most miraculous things that can helps us integrate our inner work one day at a time, improving all kinds of things, including the most important one, the relationship with The Self.

I am a firm believer that food plays a major role into the transformational process. If we desire to become a Self Master we must eat the most highly vibrational foods, because through food we can influence our brain chemistry, our physical, emotional energy and the desire to live life to the fullest.

Join me into the journey of Your personal transformation. Discover what your true capabilities are and be ready for a life that can change everything around you, including your family and your closest friends.

Thank you!

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